Develop / Build Very First Personal #SEO With Top Best Keywords for Google Job search.

Updated: Mar 28

Keywords for job applicant:

1. Your details like professional name In / from Biodata.

People don't think how their names as important keywords, now it proves from lot of survey and study that "name" keywords matter lot.

Our name is your most important as Personal SEO Keywords so please, its need to be taken into account.

Now let’s try to understand through the example, suppose person having name is "Atimeshprasad Gupta" and on various social media platform like Naukriand LinkedIn profile its mentioned as "AR Gupta" due this error it will difficult for employer to connect with you. Having two different name "Legally its ok" can play a very important role to miss the opportunity.

hence its always recommended to use the same "Means name to be written in the same manner" manner on all job provider website and in biodata too.

2. Current employer and past employer with work experience.

Included all your past employer including current if you are employed and name should be in order so that current employer must be on top, also do not foregate to add the experience with each employed and show any appreciation letter if you have

3. Your languages native as well foreign.

language is one the most skill to attract the employer and niobite well. its advice to other than native language all other language if you speak please add into your profile.

if possible rate you foreign language level out of 10 in each category like , listing , speaking and writing.

4. GPA or %

GPA or % must be added to the profile if it is very extra ordinary if noy try to add as First, second class or third class. As per my understanding most say 50-70% of people rejected in during this process. It is very important to try to enhance the GPA or %.

5. Type of Organization / Industry.

It is important to show your industry in do you hold experience and in future where are you willing to work.

Weather it is from Engineering background, Medical profession, Lawyer, Nurse.

Indicate the multiple industry if you have the experience.

6. Job title target, current and formal.

If you think link HR then could understand the importance of Job title both past and current jobs.

Use the right Job title always to avoid the confusion between too.

former job titles are important because they could indicate a experience and knowledge that you have got from the formal jobs.

7. Your skills

One of the most important keywords to search join and got the call from the employer.

Can Indicate or mention all key skill in very depth and details.

8. Job related technical tool

Add the relevant knowledge of technical tool and techniques in details that you may using in formal industry and will to obtain such technical tool from training.

9. Award, Recognition etc

Add your relent achievement, recognition or any award that you have been.

This will increase the weighted to your CV.

10. Professional Certificate

Includes all professional certificate that will definitely help you to susses the job. Professional certificate includes any private company authorized course or government recognised certificate etc.

11. Client details (Others than confidential projects)

Indicate the client’s name whom did you worked in past, suppose on of your client to whom you worked are very well know and have reputation it could add an advanced to you. `

Mentioned all your major project and work done by you on those projects describe it briefly

12. Knowledge understanding of general law

Any experience related to general law must be highlighted and

13. Supervising / Volunteering

If you did any work related to supervising or Volunteering to any social work please include those details while searching job. It may be related to Non-Government organisation work or government related jobs.

14. Any Licenses / Authorised Permit

Add if you hold any permit or license relevant to your profession from the authorised government or any recognized institute

15. Publications

If you written any books or any acritical were publish in paper includes all these details while searching a job in keywords.

16. Confidence and ability work in pressurized Environment

In this fasted business growing world, every companies are giving 100% to become survive in the market, hence all the employer except from their employee to work in case of any hard condition to fixe the issue, hence this is most important things that employer always ask to all employee before to join.

17. Involvement in professional organizations and institute.

Includes all industry and public society that you may have join to enhance your technical skill in these areas to become expert.

18. Project Completed

Show all the project completed during the past / formal jobs and also includes the any project that you may had completed during your professional career.

Try to includes the cost and durations of the whole project if you can.

19. Roles and responsibility with you last employer.

Mentioned your roles and responsibility in details while working with your last / current employer

20. How would benefits to employer if they hire you.

This could be the typical question and expectation of most employer; you should have answer to such question in practical manner. Includes your expertise in such way that employer would have benefits from it.

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